The importance
of creative storytelling and film

Humanize your brand!

Video is becoming more and more important
as a communication tool.
It's projected to account for 80% of web traffic in 2020.

We'll help you:
  • stand out from the crowd - tell stories - they're much more engaging than data
  • create a well-crafted story that elicits emotion in your audience
  • enable your viewers to relate to your story as they connect on an emotional level to it
  • make your video memorable

  • storytelling


    You can use this film
    to communicate your vision:

    in marketing campaigns
    in board and shareholder meetings
    to excite C-suite executives about new product features
    and secure development funds
    to inspire your developers
    to motivate your sales force
    with your current employees and to recruit new hires


    Important stage to set direction

    We'll brainstorm with you and define:
  • the overall theme for your film
  • The Leading 3 aspects that it will address
  • your targeted audience, their challenges and desires
  • the fundamental conflict statement of your film
  • your key message, call to action
  • the tone & voice / genre of your film
  • your characters and plot
  • At the end we'll provide you with a cost estimate and a timeline.
    Typical film costs between $3K and $30K and takes 2-8 weeks.
    Please note that these vary based on the complexity of your film.



    Where all the fun is

    write the script and create the storyboard
  • talent - professional, or your employees or customers whom we'll coach
  • locations
  • crew
  • gear
  • props & wardrobe
  • shoot your video


    Finish & Deliver

    is where you make it shine

    edit, create graphics, record VO, find music
    clear all rights
    master and export final file to your specs
    upload the final file to a streaming server - for public or gated access, based on your requirements - and provide you a link so you can start sharing it right away with zero effort required on your end
    provide you with a file to use as needed



    Select work


    You will partner with
    on this adventure


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